About us

Just us...
Just like many of you, we are siblings who grew up together, who will bicker and fight with each other on the most ridiculous thing, yet we still share a very close bond. On occasions , we will secretly wear each other clothings when the other person is not at home. Every other time we will ask each other how we look on our outfits when we were going out for dates etc. Just before we realise, we are all grown up and married now. Our eldest sister is already mother of two! We have our own families, and are spending lesser time together. To keep our sisterhood alive, we decided to do something together.

We realise we have been shopping for and receiving all type of gifts from friends and families all the time. Among these gifts, those with customisation (not many though) left the most impression in us. It really value add the gift and provide more personal touch. Thus we decided to start this business together. Primarily focusing on personalised gifts for occasions closest to us so we could better understand consumer behaviour and likings.